Yes! This light which I haven’t seen for so many months. In Sweden we call this  “Spring”. It’s at least a hint of Spring. Finally some light in our dark country. Just what I needed.

I’ve been very sick for almost two weeks now but I’m finally getting better again.  Just wanted to stop by since I haven’t got the time to update the blog for a while.

I’ll be back soon with some new updates. Have a lovely week!



It’s getting a little brighter each day now which really gives me some extra energy. I have a busy spring ahead of me so I need all energy I can get. This little tree would need some energy as well. Don’t want it do die on me now after a few months of struggling. Only three leaves left but I can see some new ones coming.

Now I have to get started with todays work that includes inspiration, sketching, and design. Have a good one!





We had a lovely vacation in Gran Canaria, as always. We stayed in Vegueta that is the old town of Las Palmas where my dad grew up. Unfortunately the weather was very bad during our stay. I’ve never seen it rain so much in Las Palmas before. But the south is (almost) always sunny, so we rented a car and drew to different places to catch the sun and of course some beautiful views on the way. During this week we visited Arucas, Teror, Mas Palomas, Mogan, La Aldea and Agaete. And for the first time I got to see the west part of the island. The roads weren’t that good (it almost scared me to death. I’m afraid of heights) but the view was absolutely beautiful the whole way.

We did get a hint of spring and a lot of sun during the week. I had almost forgotten that we have at least two more months of winter left. Well, I’m already planning some new trips for this spring and summer. That sure feels good. And a lot of fun work is coming up as well so I’m not complaining!

Have a lovely weekend!


www.medinalind.com www.medinalind.comwww.medinalind.com
www.medinalind.comI’m back! I’ve had the best Christmas holiday ever.Hope you had a lovely holiday too.

I’m happy that the first weeks of this year has been intensive because tomorrow I’m off on a trip again. This time I’m going to my little island Gran Canaria. Can’t wait. Follow the trip via my Instagram if you’re curious about how Las Palmas looks through my eyes. I’m half Canarian so I’ve spend at lot of time in this beautiful city ever since I was a little girl.

Have a great week!