IMG_2053 IMG_2060From my bedroom corner. As you can see my closet isn’t that big. This is one of the few reasons we would need a bigger apartment.

I’m dreaming of a walk in closet (who doesn’t, right?) where I could hang all my clothes by color. What a dream. In the next issue of the Swedish Interior Magazine RUM HEMMA I’ll share my best bedroom tips and talk about how my dream bedroom would look like. 



The weather has been really bad lately. So what could be better than a sunny Friday? Feels really lovely. This weekend I’m going to my home town Uppsala to spend time with family and friends. Looking forward to it!

Here’s some photos from this morning. How come I never get tired of white? Is it just me?  Well, I love white but in our next home I will definitely bring some more color. 




Since we’re looking for a bigger apartment it’s fun to start looking for some new interior/decoration. Well, I always do anyway! But from now on I’ll pick out my favorites once a month and share them here. I have so many ideas of how we could decorate our new home but of course we have to find it first before I can get started. Here’s some favorits that I would love to get my hands on. 

1. Scissor, HAY  2. Vase, Menu  3. Candleholder, Menu  4. Pillow, Muuto  5. Lamp, Muuto

Have a lovely weekend!