COS + CEREAL MAGAZINE www.medinalind.comFound this lovely collab between COS and Cereal Magazine while visiting the COS store here in Stockholm the other day. I’ve been wanting to order Cereal for many months now after following their work via Instagram. They are so talented. Only the cover is to die for. Absolutely love their work, both with the layout and with their photos. Looking forward to read it.

I’ve had some busy weeks now and it feel so good to know that Christmas and vacation is getting closer. Really looking forward to a trip that we’ve been planning lately. But until then I’ll enjoy the beautiful and cozy Christmas time here in Sweden.

I want our decoration to be calm and to blend in into our home. White and some green is enough for me. I found a beautiful yet simple star at Iris Hantverk (from Watt och Veke) this Saturday. And instead of a big bouquet of fresh flowers I made a big bouquet out of fir branches. Love the days I get to work from home by now. The Christmas feeling is on top.