Remember this post earlier this year?

I’m glad to show you some of the result from the shoot I did together with Rusta this spring. These photos above are some of my favourites. I had the pleasure to shoot Rustas Autumn collection at two different locations in Stockholm together with Production Manager/Stylist Andrea Jörbrink and Emma Thordin, Assistent Jonas Eriks and Stylist Filippa Egnell. And I’m so happy with the result.

I hope you like it!

Styling by Filippa Egnell, Andrea Jörbrink, Emma Thordin. Photography by me. For Rusta.

Fredsborgs ängar


A sneak peek from last weeks work with talented Marie Ramse for JM. I was so inspired during this shoot. This is what I love the most with my work, to get inspired. This house at Fredsborgs ängar was beautifully decorated, from the different shades of grey to the perfect interior details, everything together created a lovely feeling. I’m looking forward to share the photos with you soon.

I have actually chosen a light grey color for my new apartment. And I’m also going with a grey floor. I felt brave until I stepped into this house. I wouldn’t dare to go with a darker shade of grey even though I think it’s really beautiful and gives the room a very cozy feeling. First sneak at my apartment tomorrow. Keeping my fingers crossed that I will like it!

Autumn vibes with Ombria

Vacation is over and I’m back in Sweden ready for this Autumn and all the projects that’s been waiting. The greatest project is my new apartment. I’ve finally found it! I’ll get the keys to the apartment the 1th September and I can’t wait to move in and make it my own. Meanwhile I’ve been looking for the right apartment I’ve been collecting a few but carefully selected pieces to bring with me. Especially tableware since I’m planning to have my own designed Melo Table in my new apartment. This beautiful grey tableware is called Ombria and it’s from KählerOmbria has a nordic discreet design with a raw structure that will go perfect with my minimalistic home. I’ll show you in a few months!

Ombria is a collaboration between Kähler and designer Anders Arhøj.

These pieces comes in different colors. I’m planning on getting the Marble White as well since I really like that shade too. It would also be beautiful to combine these two shades.

Styling and photography by me.

Wikner Wedding at Gotland

_ML_0547_ML_0617Here they are, the Wikners! Our beautiful Sofia with her Christer. They got married in Visby, Gotland and all of my childhood friends were there to celebrate that our girl has found the love of her life. What a weekend! I’m beyond happy for the both of them. Thank you Sofia and Christer for letting me be a part of your very special day.  #wiknerwedding