We came home from this beautiful little island a couple of days ago. It was such a lovely vacation in many ways. I got so inspired by the bright architecture and the very beautiful views. And just to see the sun for an entire week was happiness, coming from a cold and dark Stockholm.  We almost got to see the entire island by renting a car and drive all the way from Oia to the point of Akrotiri. We stayed in Imerovigli which became our favorite spot. We’ve heard a lot of Oia before visiting the Island so the expectations were very high. Oia was truly beautiful but actually we liked Imerovigli even more. If you ask me, Imerovigli did have the best view from the entire island. Another village we really liked was Pyrgos which was very very cozy, a must see if you visit Santorini.

We stayed at two different hotels these days. Both hotels was in Imerovigli though. We spent our last days at the lovely hotel Sophia Suites. I’ll tell you more about Sophia Suites in my next post.

Summarized Santorini is a lovely island that I’m looking forward to visit over and over again.




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