This is where we spent our four last days at Santorini. We couldn’t have finished our trip in a better way. After we decided to visit Santorini earlier this year I started to look after a hotel to stay at. I found Sophia Suites and I instantly fell in love with the traditional architecture and the modern choice of interior. A perfect combination. And as many of you know I’m a big fan of bright interior so their bright suites and rooms was literally made for me. When we finally arrived to Sophia Suites their hotel manager Nikos surprised us by letting us stay at their beautiful Honeymoon Suite for our first two nights. Yes, we enjoyed every minute in this suite as you can imagine. As a photographer I had a hard time to put the camera down.

After two days we left the suite for a smaller room called Sugar Room. The Sugar Room didn’t let us down. We had our own outdoor hot tub here as well and the best thinkable view. Imagine to wake up to this every day.

Except the lovely exterior and interior their staff was the sweetest and kindest. They made us feel at home and their chef spoiled us with the best breakfast, foods and drinks every day. Even though our expectations were high, both with Santorini and Sophia Suites, our whole stay was beyond our expectations. I can’t wait to go back.


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