Shades of spring www.medinalind.comToday I’ve been working with Melo and searching for inspiration for our new spring collection.
These shades together with simplicity really inspires me and I think I would like to take this feeling with me into the new collection. Stay tuned!



  1. I just have to say that I really admire your work, your photos, your blog! You have my dream work!! May I ask if you are self taught or have you studies any specific course or program etc? Or how do you “start” working as a freelance photographer? Thanks so much and all my best, Josie

    1. Hi Josie! Sorry for my late reply. Thank you for your sweet comment. I’m so glad to read that you like my work! I have studied photography and magazine design. Before starting as a freelance I had worked as a photographer and art director for five years. As a freelance I’ve learned so much just by getting the opportunity to work with a lot of talented people. Every day is challenging in a different way. And you always push yourself to get better all the time!
      Thank you again for stopping by! Have a great weekend!


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