Ceramics Sand

I’m so glad to announce that we’re/Melo expanding our assortment of handcrafted products from Sweden. Last week we launched Ceramics Sand in a limited collection of 50 copies of 5 products; a plate, a small plate, a saucer, a bowl and a cup. The collection is designed by me and handcrafted in Dalarna by the talented potter, Ida Svärdström.

We’re now continuing our journey to create handcrafted minimalism from Sweden. The new collection Ceramics Sand follows our design idiom and the products are minimalistic with a soft form. The clean design in combination with the light sand colour aims to give the collection a timeless appearance. The five products are designed to be used together but they can also be used separately.

We’re collaborating with the talented potter Ida Svärdström. She handcrafts each product in a process that takes up to 2 weeks. The collection is made in stoneware that has been burned up to 1200 Celsius. The products have a transparent glaze which gives them a semi-gloss feel and look.

Ceramics Sand is sold exclusively at www.melostudio.se in a limited edition of 50.

I hope you like it!


Comment 1

  1. Allan 21 July, 2017

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