Omaggio Vase Steel Blue

 Omaggio vase Steel Blue here as a beautiful detail in this minimal kitchen. The Omaggio vase comes in two sizes and three colours and is produced in mouth-blown glass and then decorated by hand. This one in large is perfect for big bouquets or big twigs like this magnolia.

I’m crazy about twigs, especially big ones. This is the perfect way to bring spring into your home if you ask me, a big vase with a huge twig in it.

See the other colours and sizes here.

The Omaggio range is designed by Stilleben.

Styling and photography by me.
Post in collaboration with Kähler.

Sunny weekend

_ML_3012_ML_3006This light makes me so happy and full of energy and inspiration. Here’s two photos from this sunny weekend. The second photo is a sneak peek at my upcoming canvas/moodboard that my dear father helped me create. Looking forward to gather most of my inspiration here.  I’ll show you more when it’s done. I had to have one my own after seeing so many beautiful canvases/moodoards while working with Pella.